Mechanical Warranty

We offer cover for sudden and unforeseen Mechanical and electrical failure for Passenger vehicles, caravans and motorcycles.

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Car Hire

We offer managed car hire solutions, which can be added to an existing policy or free-standing.

Excess Waiver

We offer excess cover for your short term policy. This cover can cover basic and additional excess depending on the amount of cover you require.

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Rental Insurance

We offer cover for Loss of income due no / partial payment of rental income, cost of repairing damage to a rented property and Eviction expenses.

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Roadside assistance

We can provide Roadside assistance and other related service.

Pet Insurance

We provide pet insurance for Doggie daycares, Pet Hotels, Pet Au-pairs. So that you are protected in-cases where the Pet in your care requires emergency treatment. We also offer comprehensive cover for Pet Owners.

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Data protection / ID theft

We monitor the internet for in appropriate use of your personal information. Where we find that your information has been affected by a breach, we notify and guide you on what steps should be taken. We can also provide cover for Liability and loss of income, if required.

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Service and Maintenance

We offer service and maintenance plan for vehicles and Motorcycles. These plans are paid monthly from as little as R389pm.

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Dent and Scratch

We offer cover for minor dents and scratches to help keep your vehicle in Show room condition from R89pm.

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We can ....

Help with product design, pricing and distribution and implementation .

Products under construction

We have other offering in development like :-

  • Rental guarantee,
  • Supplier default for the travel industry
  • Credit Life
  • Funeral

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